Achieve Your Health Goals with Functional Fitness

By: Dr. Neetu Ahluwalia


Do you want to feel better? Stronger? More physically fit? If so, functional fitness might be the perfect choice to help you attain your goals. Imagine being able to carry out everyday tasks like vacuuming, carrying in groceries, moving heavy objects like furniture, or mowing the lawn with ease. As you age, sometimes even the simplest tasks like getting up off the floor become a chore. If you are ready to strengthen your muscles and improve your capacity for carrying out everyday tasks without sustaining pain or injury, functional fitness might be the ideal option.

Dr. Neetu Ahluwalia at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA will sit down with you to develop a unique fitness plan that helps meet your goals. Our team will evaluate your fitness goals and particular health challenges.

What can I expect from functional fitness?

The sky is the limit when it comes to functional fitness. Our team at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that focuses on improving your life. Functional fitness can increase your energy levels, improve your body strength, and even reduce pain. We want you to reach not only your peak performance needs but also any aesthetic goals. With functional fitness, you can feel good and look good. The fitness program helps improve your self-esteem by helping your body function better.

All about functional fitness

As you age, your body might not move as well. Movements are no longer fluid, and you probably struggle with simple everyday tasks. Functional fitness is a system that effectively targets the muscles you use for movement. You’ll work on pulling, squatting, pushing, carrying, walking, rotating, lunging, and hinging, which is a movement of the hips.

Dr. A. at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA tailors each of the functional fitness programs to help meet your fitness level and unique health needs. During your consultation, we will consider your current physical level and any limitations that you might have. We want to help you attain your goals. Even if you aren’t in optimal physical condition, you can still benefit from functional fitness.

Improving your functional fitness results

When working on a functional fitness program, you'll also want to focus on improving your whole-body health.

  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables

  • Exercise regularly

  • Get a good night’s sleep (at least eight hours per night)

  • Limit the consumption of alcohol

  • Stop smoking (if you smoke)

  • Stay hydrated

Functional fitness for mental and physical well-being

Embarking on a functional fitness program is about more than simply improving your physical health by assisting with your full-body strength and balance. It is also about achieving greater mental well-being. When participating in functional fitness, we want you to have fun at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA. Our goal is to help you attain your physical goals while gaining greater mental clarity and well-being.

Schedule a consultation today for functional fitness in San Francisco, CA

Are you ready to try functional fitness? If so, we encourage you to contact Dr. A. at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA to schedule a consultation. Our team will work closely with you to improve your wellness and help you attain your physical goals so you can enjoy life-improving results.

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