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What is muscle treatment?

Treating the whole person in an integrative way that includes the mind, body, and spirit is the way our team approaches muscle treatment at Infinite Health Zone. Our bodies move every day, and soreness is a common side effect. There are a variety of treatment options available to patients throughout San Francisco, CA. For more information on the type of muscle treatment available to you, contact our team. Infinite Health Zone services the San Francisco area including Marin and Alameda counties. 

Muscle treatments in San Francisco, CA at Infinite Health Zone can provide a number of great benefits to reduce muscle pain and discomfort, including:

  • Customizable treatment options
  • A whole-body, holistic treatment approach
  • Provides noninvasive treatment options
  • Offers natural alternatives to medications and drugs
  • Can treat a variety of muscle pain types
  • Can reduce chronic neck and back pain
  • Can improve movement, mobility, and range of motion

Who is a good candidate for muscle treatment?

Any individual throughout the San Francisco, CA area suffering from lower back pain or intense neck pain is a candidate for the muscle treatment provided by our Infinite Health Zone team. Whether you've suffered an injury while participating in physical activity, or you are experiencing neck pain as a result of sitting at a desk for multiple hours throughout the day, our team will assist you in getting the relief you require. Contact our team today for more information.

What should I expect from muscle treatment?

During muscle treatment, your pain will be evaluated so that we can craft a plan that will help guide you toward proper relief. This will involve discussing the various options available to you and finding the root cause of the pain. An accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Supplements and medications
  • Tailored fitness and nutrition
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal injections
  • Guided massage

For more information, contact our team at Infinite Health Zone in San Francisco, CA.

How long will results from muscle treatments last?

Treating the entire body takes time, which means that the results from muscle treatments will vary. Finding the treatment that will fit your needs is part of the journey when you schedule an appointment with our team at Infinite Health Zone. We will work hard to help you find lasting solutions that meet your needs. In our San Francisco, CA office, our team will go along with you through your journey so that you can get the best results out of muscle treatment. Contact us to learn more on how we can help.

Dr. A is the best! He did my first Botox treatment at his Jackson Hole location and I cannot recommend him enough. He spent a lot of time providing education about the benefits of the treatment and what to expect, which made me feel at ease and more comfortable. Also, I experienced very mild discomfort during the procedure and no discomfort or bruising after. He said I could expect to see results in one week, but honestly I noticed improvement in my neck the next day. Dr. A is so good that clients would travel from Jackson Hole to see him at his office in San Francisco. I am so happy he is now practicing in WY. Book him - you will not be disappointed!!

A.K. Google

Meeting Dr. A was a beautiful experience. His ability to put me at ease exceeded none. His recommended drip therapy was just what was needed to take care of the debilitating dehydration I was experiencing. I hope he will be able to squeeze me in for a rejuvenation++ program. Many thanks, Dr. A. Susie Pfau

S.P. Google

I’ve been a client of Dr. A’s for years. He is always professional, makes sure I understand the service I am receiving and is a warm person to put you at ease no matter the procedure. You are in safe hands with him!

K.K. Google

Neetu, has been helping me with all of my health and wellness needs. He's the best of the best!

M.W. Google

Dr. A saved my lips and smile this week! I had some poorly placed filler from a different provider that gave me several nodules/bumps and he was able to almost painlessly dissolve the filler so my lips are much healthier now and smooth. I have had filler dissolved in the past with other providers and it can be very painful and stingy and Dr. A was able to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. I barely felt the pricks. He’s very caring, professional, highly skilled and has a wonderful eye for aesthetics. He’s also very fun to talk to and down to earth. I completely trust him with my face and highly recommend him. I will go back for Botox and Juvederm appointments in the future. Cute office too! Very earthy and modern! You automatically feel like you are in a beautiful jungle oasis escaping the busy city feel without leaving the city. Thank you again Dr. A!!

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Relief you can feel

Muscle treatment is something your body needs to thrive and function properly. Get the relief you require today and schedule an appointment with our professionals at Infinite Health Zone. We will provide you with a variety of options to help you get what you need. Call our San Francisco, CA office for more information.

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Will my muscle treatment plan include surgery?
No. At Infinite Health Zone, we want to treat your pain as noninvasively as possible, and believe that surgeries — especially to the neck and back — are associated with many avoidable risks. If you want a holistic and functional approach to pain management, please reach out to our San Francisco, CA office.
Is it possible that I won't need prescriptions or injections at all?
Absolutely. Dr. A and our team will take the time to understand your pain and underlying conditions or injuries. If your pain is due to overuse or strain that could be managed with more efficient movement or other lifestyle changes, we will help you take all your options into account.
How soon will my pain go away?
The amount of time it takes muscle treatment to take effect and deliver your desired results will depend on many factors, including your history of muscle pain, the severity of your condition, and the treatment Dr. A and our San Francisco, CA team believe is best for you. Additionally, if a course of treatment is ineffective and isn’t acting quickly enough for you, we can always suggest a new course of action.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.